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AI & RSS Feeds

Posted on | marzo 26, 2008 | No Comments

First of all, I didn’t think I’ll ever posting something like that.. Many times I thought about an “intelligent” feeder capable downloading many sources, many images, many tags and, finally, creating a good mix of “relational” folder (images / tags / text).

Now I start realizing a prototype… 🙂

I used C# (this is my very very very very very first C# program… GULP !!!!) on a Windows 2008 Server (yes, I known, when I start something, I want to start with fireworks 🙂 ).

For RSS handling, I used RSS.NET C# bindings (from
For IMG downloading, I used System.Net 🙂

I used this approach to handle my algorithm:

  • First, I import an OPML file (from my Google Reader account)
  • Next, I process this file and extract all XmlUrl pointing to RSS feeds and update it on background
  • Now, I save all links of any RSS item on a temp array
  • After collecting all links, I download all HTML source and extract all IMG tags
  • Now it’s time to download all images (and to store on a folder basis)
  • After downloaded all image queue I filter images (delete .gif, smaller and so on)
  • All I obtain is a clean set of goods (?!?!?!?) images.



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