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C'è chi vede il bicchiere mezzo pieno e chi lo vede mezzo vuoto… Per me, l'acqua che manca, è traboccata fuori ;)

Auto Download from RapidShare & Co.

If you, like me, surf daily on Internet to search more software to download and, most of all, is on RapidShare like sites, this software is for you !!!! - FreeRapid Downloader

FreeRapid‘s a simple Java downloader that supports downloading from Rapidshare and other file-sharing services. Simply copy and paste your links from a browser to this application. FreeRapid Downloader will handle the rest itself. No more clicking or uncomfortable waiting.

Main Features

  • support for concurrent downloading from *multiple services
  • downloading using proxy list
  • download history
  • smart clipboard monitoring
  • automatic checking for file’s existence on server
  • auto shutdown options
  • automatic plugins updates
  • simple CAPTCHA recognition
  • works on MS Windows, Linux and MacOS
  • easy to use
  • multilanguage interface – Czech, Danish, English, French, German, Hungarian, Chinese, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Slovak, Spanish, Ukrainian
  • looks amazingly
  • simply works!

Currently supported services are:

  • (+ premium account)
  • and
  • (crypter)

If you need is, simply go to this site and enjoy 😉

Migrating from MS Hyper-V to VMware ESXi

After 2 months of intensive use of Microsoft Hyper-V, finally I decided to migrate to VMware ESXi because MS is very very very very very very very sloooooooooooooow 🙁

I use Virtual Machines for developing and testing new components, so I need lot of (re)compilation using GCC for multiarch pourposes (amd64 CPU build i686 package).

I do lot of work on Hyper-V and I need to move my .vhd disk images to .vmdk.

First of all you need WinImage and you can use it to convert your .vhd to .vmdk.

But, believe me, you can’t use this new brand new piece of .vmdk directly on ESXi, because VMware server refuse to use it like virtual hard disk.

Not, don’t worry, you don’t need to burn you ESXi installation (yes, I do it… 😉 ). You just need a VMware Workstation installation, so you can use vmware-vdiskmanager to import your converted .vmdk to ESXi server.

Simply type:

vmware-vdiskmanager -server IP -u USER -f PASSWORDFILE -r CONVERTED.vmdk -t 4 “[DATASTORE_ON_ESXi]/YouRealDisk.vmdk”

and all will be OK 🙂

REMEMBER: ESXi don’t support IDE HD, so everytime you startup your machine, you got a warning… simply ignore it !!!! 🙂


The PC Decrapifier

The PC DecrapifierSo, you’re the proud owner of a new PC. You anxiously open the box, dumping out the contents, casting the instructions aside. You feverishly push your old PC off the desk and get the new one set up. On the floor lies a pile of plastic wrap and twist ties. Your brand spanking new PC boots up only to greet you with a plethora of pop up advertisements pestering you to pay for anti-virus software or sign up for a music service. Your desktop is littered with website links for ‘special offers.’ The system tray is already full of programs that continuously use your internet connection to make sure that you’re ‘up to date.’

“When did I ask for this?” you ask. Well, you didn’t and that’s where the PC Decrapifier comes in. The PC Decrapifier attempts to remove all of the crap on your PC that you never asked for or wanted. To manually remove all of this stuff by hand can take at least an hour (depending on the severity of the infestation.) The PC Decrapifier will detect the ‘crap’ on your system, you choose what to uninstall, then sit back and let the PC Decrapifier work its magic.

All of this stuff is placed on your new PC because the big companies like Dell, HP and others sell advertising space on your PC to put more money in their pockets at the expense of your time and frustration.

The PC Decrapifier is a program free for personal use to help the average computer user combat this problem. It is also available for PC technicians at a small fee to use as a tool in their everyday business to save a tremendous amount of time.

Download 4 FUN


IP->Com is a freeware program to share all/any your COM ports remotely over your local network or the internet, simultaneously.

IP->Com allows any of the existing serial (RS232) ports on your PC to interface directly to a TCP/IP network. This makes it possible for any other computer on the same network to send and receive serial data through a remote serial port on the PC where IP->Com is running. You connect to the remote serial port by connecting to a TCP/IP port.

It was written in C++ using the Microsoft Foundation Classes, and therefore is reasonably small and efficient.




BetaNews Mirror Download from BetaNews ReadMe
Major Geeks Mirror
Low bandwidth Mirror IP_Com v3.0.0




Just select the COM port, and configure it, then select which interface address/port you wish to bind it to and then press Enable. Repeat for any other COM ports up to COM32. That’s all there is to it!

WhoLockMe Explorer Extension v1.04 beta (NT-Win2K-XP)

To download this freeware: (22KB)
Dr. Hoiby is the author of this little freeware.
Code written in C++. He can be reached at [email protected].

What is WhoLockMe ?

Have you ever bored by this Windows message : “Error Deleting File or Folder, … There has been a sharing violation. The source or destination file may be in use.“, when you try to delete, move or rename a file ?

WhoLockMe is a little extension for your Microsoft Explorer. It permeets you to list all the process locking your selected file.

This freeware is a beta version, it Doesn’t work on Win9x or WinMe.

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